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The Awakening is a journey of contemplation...


It is a guided path, full of ancient knowledge, universal wisdom and sacred mathematics.

The purpose of walking this path is for you to begin to contemplate a set of ideas, to differentiate truth from illusion, wake up your heart and calm your mind.

This path is gentle and gradual, whilst bringing intense revelations and understandings. It is a journey of change, surrender, opening, healing and transforming.

It is designed to take you deeper into the inner realms of your world, whilst nudging you to notice and reflect on the correlations in your outer world. As you progress through this journey, your contemplations will sink deeper and deeper into the core of your being.


The core of your being is where the answers to all of your questions lie. This is the only space where you can know with certainty who you are, why you are here and what steps to take.


Whilst this journey may sound overwhelming, it is very simple and systematic. The entire journey is guided, though it vast with space for you to empty yourself into the pages, the teachings and the lessons, which brings the freedom to add your own flavour onto it. No two peoples journeys will be the same. This is a journey for you, about you, and by you. I am simply here to hold your hand along the way.

Just like walking along a path through the woods, you will encounter different scenery- from fields of flowers to spacious glades to deep dense forest and open flowing rivers. You may come across perceived threats, like noises and animals that frighten you. You may find deep peace in the silence and the nurturing stillness of nature.

The correlation to the journey of Awakening is that you walk the path, and you encounter many different feelings and stages along the path, but eventually you reach a satisfying destination where you may rest for some time, before deciding which route to take next.

You do not need to know where you are heading before you begin your journey, and you may change trajectory at any time. All you need is an open mind, a willingness to explore and a commitment to keep walking even when you feel afraid.




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