Finding Comfort

As humans we require love and support and comfort. These are things that help us grow, build strength, see past the perceived problems and to flourish.

Unfortunately the world we live in today has become naïve to the power of loving one another and ourselves. So, when we are in a trying time in our lives and we require some love, it can be difficult to come by. Maybe we are afraid to ask because we don’t want to seem weak, or maybe we are afraid that if we do ask it won’t be given in the way we need.

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How All Your 'Stuff' Is Draining Your Energy

Just as everything is energy- everything holds energy.

There will be a lot of items in your household and your surroundings that are carrying past energies you no longer wish to embody or surround yourself or your loved ones with. Imagine stirring up and clearing out all of that dense, stagnant energy and making room for light and abundance to enter your world now. You are no longer being bogged down with this ‘stuff’ that is holding negative energy in your home and your space feels free and light and spacious.

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Full Moon Ritual – How to Release Negativity

We are all intricately connected within this Universe. There is no part of this universe that you do not encompass. Everything you think, every action you take and the vibrations you emit are having an effect on your immediate and distant surroundings. This is also true in the reverse manner, that you are being influenced by your surroundings and the ebbs and flows of the universe.

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Does It Feel Like Your Partner Is Speaking A Different Language?

The two languages of your hearts are in complete confusion- neither understands that love is being given to them- or that what we think is us ‘giving love’ is not being received on the other end.

So take some time to understand what makes you feel loved and then find out how your partner interprets love.

A whole veil can be lifted from your relationship when you understand you have both been loving each other but your hearts were speaking a different language the whole time!

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Why Expectation Kills Your Relationship

If your partner doesn’t meet your expectations, ask yourself ‘why am I trying to hurt myself?’

Expectations set you up for failure. They are a beautifully designed trick the Egoic Mind has created to make you believe that someone else has let you down or made you feel sad, angry or disappointed.

The truth of the matter is- you let yourself down. You unconsciously set it up so that you could feel upset and angry towards your partner.

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Are Your Past Emotions Causing Suffering NOW?

The truth is that we have a whole bunch of emotions sitting deep inside our subconscious, waiting for a trigger to set them off. Once this trigger hits, we react. This is not a well thought out, calm, conscious response. It is a full-blown, unconscious reaction.

Unless we deal with the underlying causes of our reactions, we will continue to be triggered, we will continue to react. We will continue to suffer, and we will continue to hurt ourselves and others in our lives.

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How Can We Change Another Person?

Not only will this have instantaneous results- the ongoing effects will only magnify into greater bliss in the relationship.  
This has the power to transform not only your whole relationship, but your entire world. If both parties are committed to change and you bring about that transformation within yourself, they will see and feel that change energetically and if you are close enough, they will start to raise with you.

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Are You Feeding Drama Into Your Life?

You know the one.

The little voice inside your head that tells you that your partner is acting like a jerk and you should most definitely be angry with them. The voice that tells you that it is a good idea to ignore them for a while and play a little victim game until they catch on that you are angry with them.

Yes! It tells you.. that’s perfect. You SHOULD be angry it says.. keep feeling this way.. I LOVE IT!

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What Does It Mean To Love Yourself?

As humans we are in constant battle with our minds. Our heart, our soul, our spirit, our higher selves- whichever term we use- is struggling to maintain an existence while our mind is in control of us. It sneaks in little pieces of guidance for us, you may call it intuition, but most of the time we ignore it due to fear. Our mind takes over and tells us all the things that could go wrong. It tells us all the things that are wrong with us, the world, our friends, our partners. It judges, it puts us and others down, it blames, it sulks and it defends.

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